MNDSN is a business oriented design agency that specializes in branding and advertising, with a focus on minimalism and simplicity.

We pursue highly demanding and complex design projects in print, web, motion and event, in addition to solution integration and other support activities.


Who we are

MNDSN is founded on the belief that simplicity is utility. The company’s aim is to provide its customers with the simplest yet most effective and efficient designs to help them reach their objectives.
MNDSN unites the client’s passion to its team’s creativity and knowhow in order to produce pure, singular and handy content.
MNDSN is a company with a youthful team made of innovative designers, skilled marketers, and astute managers. We are a small team with big ideas.

How we work


At MNDSN we do not start by projectising the client’s request.
We start by listening to our clients, to what they have to say about their company and their project.
We feel that the more we know our clients; the better will be the end result.
We brainstorm, explore, analyze, create, review, and validate. Then … we deliver on time, because our clients’ time is valuable.


What matters to us

Each of our days at MNDSN is organized around these five main values: performance, innovation, passion, respect and teamwork.
In collaboration with our clients, our team preforms by creating innovative and passionate designs in a tolerant and respectful environment.

Where we identify


At MNDSN we believe simplicity and practicality to be the main characteristics of great design. The combination of both these attributes generates ergonomic, pure, and distinguished creations.
Our views on design correlate with those of the minimalist trend that mainly correspond to stripping away all unnecessary elements, hence drawing the focus to where it needs to be. Minimal design appears to be very simple on the outside but requires quite a lot of thought, time and effort during the production phase due to the need to create an impactful design with less elements than any other design trend.